Feb 28 2005
Mozilla released FireFox 1.0.1, a security update to

Interestingly the first (Windows) machine I installed it on,
the default browser was reported as being FireFox 1.07.

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Feb 26 2005
Still using the standard iBlog template because you don’t really have a
“green thumb”?

Suffer no more. Thanks to our fellow iBlogger, Robt
from naafront.com; you can now put the standard iBlog template set aside and use

Max is
Robt’s latest masterpiece; which features full screen width with fluid blog body
and fixed side column; 7 color schemes and lots of CSS goodies to spice up
paragraphs & images. To make sure anybody can use his design, he created a
tutorial site: Blog By Numbers, which covers the design’s
background, all the features and a quick start guide. Check it out!

I hope a few people think it’s worth promoting Robt’s work by “word
of blog”, ( I certainly do,) as he put a lot of effort into it to benefit all
iBlog users & iBlog. Do you know anybody that still uses the default
template set? Give ‘m a nudge in the right direction ;)

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Feb 23 2005
announced updated iPod minis, which now feature a 6GB hard drive
and is priced at $250. The 4GB iPod mini is now priced at $199.

There is now a 30GB iPod Photo at $349 (instead of the 40GB model)
and the 60GB now costs only $449. A nice $150 drop on the 60GB model (providing
you didn’t buy one of these in the past weeks). One has to wonder if the
downgrade from 40 to 30GB is solely to drop the price on the base model, rather
than introducing a 20GB iPod Photo, or if there’s something more.

interesting accessory will surface: an iPod Camera Connector for direct transfer of
digital images from your camera to your iPod. Sweet. That was my #1 complaint
when the iPod Photo was announced. Now, as the proud owner of a regular iPod, it
would be nice to have that cable work too, just without viewing ability; but
that’s probably asking for too much.

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Feb 20 2005
Surprise, surprise! [ MacMinute | Steves Digicams ]

plenty of new & updated digital camera announcements last week; Canon
introduced an 8MP Digital Rebel XT (also known as 350D outside
the U.S.) last Thursday! Who would have thought?

The Digital Rebel
XT is reportedly a bit smaller & lighter and has more creativity options
than the Digital Rebel. With it’s black look instead of silver it looks a lot
better. (note that all reviews & previews show black models, while Canon’s
product page shows a silver model) There are too many updates to mention: custom
functions, selective metering & AutoFocus, improved flash metering, DigicII,
USB2, better battery life, etc. … it really inches close to a 20D, for quite a
bit less money (roughly 2/3rd). I could and likely would have settled for the
Rebel XT, had it existed a few months ago and saved me … Oh well.

Yesterday at Costco, I saw a young guy (early 20’s) ready to buy the
Digital Rebel (6MP) saying “Yes, that’s the camera. They have it.” to his
parents. While they were all looking at it and clearly ready to make a purchase
with parent’s approval; I informed them “You may like to know there is a new
Digital Rebel with 8MP which was announced just 2 days ago, and it’ll be the
same kit and price.” He and his parents thanked me several times. :) I love
it when you can stay close on technology’s heels and help someone. Granted,
Costco has a good return policy for it’s members; but don’t you hate it when you
buy something and the next week they announce something new? Or as in this case
the newer model is already out but hasn’t hit the shelves yet and you didn’t

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Feb 20 2005
We almost hurt ourselves laughing when I read that Microsoft released
two tools to help fight malicious software and spyware. Sure, it’s a good and
long overdue move in general for the user base; but … is Microsoft really
going to un-install Windows itself? Or at least some components? And, hey,
you’re not supposed to run this particular software application => swipe!

Anyway, for those using Windows XP. You may want to have a look at
- Malicious Software Removal Tool
- Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (beta)

For the non-XP users and more paranoid XP users among us; I still
stand behind AdAware from LavaSoft.de who’s SE Personal
edition is free for home use. It’s easy to use, gets frequent updates and
performs well.

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Feb 15 2005
Lifli announced an interim build towards iBlog 1.4.2
at iBloggers.net.

You can now print
entries, next & previous buttons have been updated and publishing to .mac now uses the
.Mac SDK (version 1.1) – which may be of interest to those with
certain publication issues.

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Feb 14 2005
Many that do or have done web-design in some shape or another are
familiar with CSS Zen Garden. While surfing the web
(trying to read up a little and possibly figuring out what’s up with a
certain bug I’m having trouble with
) I came across CSS Zen
Garden “Geocities 1996″
(linked from webstandards). I
couldn’t help but laugh and say “oh my god”. Have a
. Seriously.

Update: because bandwith limitations the
page has moved here

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Feb 14 2005

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Feb 11 2005
I have never moved that much snow on a continuous basis before. I don’t
mind a bit of snow, but we’ve had I don’t know how many inches now and it is
still snowing. Enough already! All that shoveling (and hanging some drywall
actually) made my arms feel like they’re two inches longer. LOL. And, where do
you put all this snow?

( little peek in the back yard, which
actually doesn’t look too bad )

a big half hour of digging around this morning (and several clearing sessions
yesterday (morning, noon, afternoon, night), I had cleared the driveway again.
The only question was how tough it would be to drive through the snow pack on
the street. It didn’t look like the city came around since yesterday afternoon.
Luckily there came one of the big trucks with two plows. Right on time! Oh, wait
a sec, … no, he’s not going to plow us right back in, right?! (happened every
time yesterday) I ran back to the street with my shovel and the driver was nice
enough to lift the side plow a little so we only got a quarter load of all the
snow that was on the street. The rest of the folks in our street were out of
luck, with a super-sized at least knee-deep 2 foot wide mound of packed snow all
along their driveway. Happy digging!

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Feb 9 2005
Apple released another update (weighing in at 27.7 MB) to OS X Panter,
now v 10.3.8 which includes improved OpenGL;
updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers; improved file sharing and directory
services for mixed Mac and PC networks; … and previous standalone security

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