iPod updates: 6GB iPod Mini + 30GB iPod Photo & Price drops

announced updated iPod minis, which now feature a 6GB hard drive
and is priced at $250. The 4GB iPod mini is now priced at $199.

There is now a 30GB iPod Photo at $349 (instead of the 40GB model)
and the 60GB now costs only $449. A nice $150 drop on the 60GB model (providing
you didn’t buy one of these in the past weeks). One has to wonder if the
downgrade from 40 to 30GB is solely to drop the price on the base model, rather
than introducing a 20GB iPod Photo, or if there’s something more.

interesting accessory will surface: an iPod Camera Connector for direct transfer of
digital images from your camera to your iPod. Sweet. That was my #1 complaint
when the iPod Photo was announced. Now, as the proud owner of a regular iPod, it
would be nice to have that cable work too, just without viewing ability; but
that’s probably asking for too much.

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