Max – a 7 style iBlog template set goes live

Still using the standard iBlog template because you don’t really have a
“green thumb”?

Suffer no more. Thanks to our fellow iBlogger, Robt
from; you can now put the standard iBlog template set aside and use

Max is
Robt’s latest masterpiece; which features full screen width with fluid blog body
and fixed side column; 7 color schemes and lots of CSS goodies to spice up
paragraphs & images. To make sure anybody can use his design, he created a
tutorial site: Blog By Numbers, which covers the design’s
background, all the features and a quick start guide. Check it out!

I hope a few people think it’s worth promoting Robt’s work by “word
of blog”, ( I certainly do,) as he put a lot of effort into it to benefit all
iBlog users & iBlog. Do you know anybody that still uses the default
template set? Give ‘m a nudge in the right direction ;)

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