PowerBook updates

quietly rolled out an updated PowerBook line with interestingly enough lower
prices, which is quite nice of course, unless you just purchased a PowerBook.

The G4 CPUs are now running up to 1.67 GHz. AirPort Extreme +
BlueTooth 2 + 512MB RAM + 5400RPM hard drives + improved track pad + better
graphic cards are standard on all machines. The 15″ & 17″ model have a 10
times brighter backlit keyboard (now you’ll finally see the keys in the dark).
8x SuperDrives replace the 4x models. Brand new is a sudden motion sensor on the
motherboard which instantly parks the hard drive in case your notebook is
dropped. There are audio-in/out improvements as well, with optical in/out on the

G5 PowerBooks you say? That won’t be for a while. Even though
they managed to squeeze them in the iMac G5 , those iMacs are quite a bit thicker
than a PowerBook.

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