Mar 30 2005
MacDude pointed out that you can use Now Playing to display iTunes track info on your
blog. Now Playing is a little widget that checks iTunes every 15 seconds and
then can upload the track data to any FTP, .mac or WebDav location. You can
either use one of the default themes or build a custom one, which is music to my

Unfortunately the documentation is in Japanese only and to
make matters worse their example XML file does not contain all the needed code
to make it work. Existing themes only address font styling. So, it took me a
while to find trick to get positioning sorted out, by adding an extra variable.
I don’t know all the ins & outs of how to customize this particular Now
Playing xml file; but this is what you need:

Create a subfolder under
Theme. In that folder you need a theme.plist file with xml info and a theme.png
image as

first two # for PosAlbum PosArtist & PosSong indicate the left & right
margin. The third # is the vertical spacing from the bottom.

Add any
custom PNG image you wish to use for background, (set spaces & align
accordingly) and you

I wrote the author asking about some English documentation.
Babelfish didn’t want to help translate.

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Mar 30 2005
Lifli made iBlog 1.4.2 available with the
following updates (it’s not announced yet):

1. Uses the latest .Mac
SDK from Apple for iDisk publishing.
2. Added support for printing entries
from the Add/Edit entry window.
3. The next and previous buttons in the
photo entry window circle through the photo collection.
4. Fixed some
issues in the RSS 2.0 feed file.

This update should help with
podcasting & photo publishing.

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Mar 24 2005
I had planned to do a swap front/back to get the deeper treads in the
front (power steering really takes a bite out of rubber), but with the flat tire
earlier this week that’s not going to happen. For even traction I need to buy
two tires and these Michelin MX4 run a tad expensive. The previous
set were Michelin MXV, I believe, a series they quit producing because of
manufacturing & wear (warranty?) problems. So, after this week’s side-wall
adventure, I’m not exactly thrilled to pay premium for Michelins.

got a recommendation for BF Goodrich at a good price. “BF Goodrich?” I respond
like a typical guy. “Which kind are they?” Hey, I’m just skeptical. The last
time I saved a bit of money on tires (which still was some $350 A-brand set of
185/60R14) I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the very noticeable increase in tire /
road noise in the cabin. Long story short: I prefer quiet tires with above
average water handling & stability and the thought of a cheap(er) tire makes
me itch.

After liking the BF Goodrich Traction TA/T information and their
value, I stumbled on which features a comparison and survey of all season tires in
which the Michelin MXV4 falls. The results are performance rating, value &
survey driven. Interestingly enough the Michelins are #12 and the Goodrich #1.
Respectively 5.7/10 and 8.8/10 would buy them again. So it sounds like C got a
good recommendation. I’ll take a good look at those Goodrich Traction TA/T
tomorrow and likely will get 4. That way we’re good to roll again :) Now if only
gas prices would drop a little …

If you are shopping for any kind
of tire for your sedan, truck, suv, … check out the tire surveys from

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Mar 24 2005

I just noticed that stylesheets no longer stick across categories,
entries, … in Safari?!Safari has a problem showing my blog without
the default style on the first visit (there’s a few blogs with the same
symptom), which is why I added the little extra note at the top “if no style
is …
” Now things just got worse. After the latest security update for OS
X (2005-003-001), every time I go to another page the styling is plain text. Of
course there’s nothing that obviously changed to Safari other than Unicode
International Domain Name support with the security update.

Strangely enough,
FireFox never has had a problem with the styling options. Every time, no matter
how empty the cache & cookies etc, it shows everything nice & styled.

I’m not sure what to do about it. I may take the stylesheets down
till I find a method that’s more Safari compatible. I did send another bug
report to Apple. Not that the previous ones changed anything. My luck they’ll
fix it in Safari 1.3 or 2.0, whichever we see with Tiger (sigh)

look into the problem tonight. Hopefully I can figure something out. In the mean
time I apologize for all the inconvenience.

Update: Surfin
from Safari guru Dave Hyatt suffers the same issue across
pages. So it’s a bug to me. I’m curious how long it’ll take for this issue to
make it through the “Report bugs”-mill. Tried to contact Dave directly, but it’s
a no go. His comments are locked down because of spam & no email displayed.
So I’m crossing my fingers that either Report Bugs, OS X feedback or Safari
Support message will get to the right inbox or desk and will result in a prompt
Safari update that fixes both alternate style-sheets issues.

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Mar 21 2005

Now I
have go tire shopping.

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Mar 18 2005
Cats can meow, hiss, … and talk back.

Click the image to open the movie (~3MB compressed) in a new window.

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Mar 18 2005
Just as quick as it appeared earlier this week, it was gone again.
Something about an OS X feel to Google? Thanks to some caching and clever guys,
you can now see what GoogleX was about. I like it :)

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Mar 12 2005

a peek with a tiny flashlight :)

If you think M, you are
partially right. It’s M & M.

Note the darker nose hair? That’s

Around midnight Seven didn’t want to go to bed. Generally our
cats are pretty good about running upstairs with either of us, so the other can
close the hallway door to avoid cats running all over the house in the middle of
the night, sleeping on the sofa, etc. I called Seven by name several times and
did my cat-call-whistle. No show. Odd. A few minutes later, while we are dimming
the lights, turning off the tv … she runs in hastily. 2 seconds later we hear
“squeek squeek”. We immediately fell back on last week’s routine. I grabbed
Seven, we rushed both cats into the hallway (Seven did not like that!), closed
off the tv room and with the trusted kitchen strainer we had this mouse in no
time. We hope M likes this family member for company.

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Mar 11 2005

Mar 11 2005

The bench at the entrance of the Arboretum seems a little low to put your snow shoes
on or tie your shoe laces …