Display iTunes music info on your blog

MacDude pointed out that you can use Now Playing to display iTunes track info on your
blog. Now Playing is a little widget that checks iTunes every 15 seconds and
then can upload the track data to any FTP, .mac or WebDav location. You can
either use one of the default themes or build a custom one, which is music to my

Unfortunately the documentation is in Japanese only and to
make matters worse their example XML file does not contain all the needed code
to make it work. Existing themes only address font styling. So, it took me a
while to find trick to get positioning sorted out, by adding an extra variable.
I don’t know all the ins & outs of how to customize this particular Now
Playing xml file; but this is what you need:

Create a subfolder under
Theme. In that folder you need a theme.plist file with xml info and a theme.png
image as

first two # for PosAlbum PosArtist & PosSong indicate the left & right
margin. The third # is the vertical spacing from the bottom.

Add any
custom PNG image you wish to use for background, (set spaces & align
accordingly) and you

I wrote the author asking about some English documentation.
Babelfish didn’t want to help translate.

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