Run Jaguar and Panther on a PC

It may be sacrilege to some, but anybody can finally do it with CherryOS from Maui X-Stream

The release had been promised for late 2004, but after some delays
and now amidst some controversy (reportedly it would be a reworked version of
the open-source PearPC project and contain it’s code left &
right! ) it’s now available.

Don’t expect any blazing speed. Just
like with VirtualPC (software to emulate a PC on your Mac)
you are running an Operating System on top of an Operating System, so there is
some drag like when you’ve got weeds clinging to the fin on your
windsurfer. CherryOS is mostly geared to PC users who want quick access to a Mac
for web testing and running light applications that don’t have a Mac OS X
equivalent, …

System requirements are a Pentium / Athlon or later
(the faster the better) with 512MB RAM, 5GB HDD space available, an optical
drive and Windows XP Pro or Home.

It’ll be fun to run the trial in
some spare time. The trial download requires some registration, but should be
publicly available.

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