Stylesheet problems

I just noticed that stylesheets no longer stick across categories,
entries, … in Safari?!Safari has a problem showing my blog without
the default style on the first visit (there’s a few blogs with the same
symptom), which is why I added the little extra note at the top “if no style
is …
” Now things just got worse. After the latest security update for OS
X (2005-003-001), every time I go to another page the styling is plain text. Of
course there’s nothing that obviously changed to Safari other than Unicode
International Domain Name support with the security update.

Strangely enough,
FireFox never has had a problem with the styling options. Every time, no matter
how empty the cache & cookies etc, it shows everything nice & styled.

I’m not sure what to do about it. I may take the stylesheets down
till I find a method that’s more Safari compatible. I did send another bug
report to Apple. Not that the previous ones changed anything. My luck they’ll
fix it in Safari 1.3 or 2.0, whichever we see with Tiger (sigh)

look into the problem tonight. Hopefully I can figure something out. In the mean
time I apologize for all the inconvenience.

Update: Surfin
from Safari guru Dave Hyatt suffers the same issue across
pages. So it’s a bug to me. I’m curious how long it’ll take for this issue to
make it through the “Report bugs”-mill. Tried to contact Dave directly, but it’s
a no go. His comments are locked down because of spam & no email displayed.
So I’m crossing my fingers that either Report Bugs, OS X feedback or Safari
Support message will get to the right inbox or desk and will result in a prompt
Safari update that fixes both alternate style-sheets issues.

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