Catching up

There was quite a bit of news the past two weeks.

magazine announced they’re changing names to Layers
in a move to appeal to more potential readers. Surprisingly
the content will be narrowed to Adobe products? Euh, how about the creative apps
from Macromedia & Apple? *

Adobe released Creative Suite 2. On top of updates to all
applications like Photoshop, GoLive, InDesign, Illustrator, … there is now the
Bridge file browser, organizer & shopping cart to order stock images.

Apple announced it will “unleash” Mac OS X
on April 29. While I do like dashboard, automator, smart folders
& mailboxes, spotlight and a few of the other over 200 new features (like RAW support in
Preview) I’m not upgrading right away. 10.4 is nice, but it’s not quite there
yet. My negatives on Tiger: cut/copy/paste in the Finder (still not fixed), l
various Finder shortcomings remain, iSync is still crippled with .Mac required
(= no Mac 2 Mac over LAN), GUI + needs to maximize windows, no updated &
improved text to speech voices, AV iChat needs support for other platforms like
MSN, ICQ, …)

OS X 10.3.9 – the last big update to Panther.
There are a few bugs so maybe we’ll see a ;) A security update related
to iSync just appeared in Auto Update. No word yet on a fix for the Java /
Safari issues. The really good news is that 10.3.9 brought us Safari 1.3. It’s
version number is v312, quite a jump from 12x. I do give Apple thumbs up for
this move. ( note: Safari still has problems with alternate CSS stylesheets –
including Dave Hyatt’s Safari blog )

Yesterday’s bombshell that Adobe wants to buy Macromedia for
3.4 billion dollars has many worried that the merger of the two heavyweights
will lead to less innovation and that Macromedia products – Flash of course
excluded – will no longer be updated. Or perhaps they’ll be merged ->
GoWeaver? DreamLive?

* I guess the folks at MacDesign had some
insider info as all the Macromedia stuff will fall under the Adobe umbrella (if
the merger is approved).

Video Pros can whip their credit card out
for Apple’s Final Cut Studio with Final Cut Pro 5,
Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2 and DVD Studio Pro 4.

And, last but not
least we have a (right now undocumented) bug fix update of iBlog to 1.4.3.

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