Lumberjack for a day

I’m sure my body will tell me tomorrow just how big of a workout I had
today. Actually I think it’s already starting to tell me.

We hired a
local tree service to take down two rather large undesirable trees. One was
leaning dangerously towards the house. The other pushing a corner of the garage.
The whole crown and upper part of the trees went like a breeze (early spring, no
leaves on the trees). Trimming the trunks was a different story. It became
quickly apparent there an old wire fence embedded inside both trees, which
chain-saws of course can’t chew. That left me with some extra homework. I
carefully puzzle cut my way through the stumps with a reciprocating saw (those
blades are short when you deal with a tree) and then started cutting up the
small & medium limbs they dropped. For the large pieces, which I can’t even
lift, I have to rent a bigger chain saw as mine is not long & powerful
enough. I probably won’t rent one tomorrow just yet ;)

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