Aug 20 2005
The icerabbits hardly sat still in recent weeks (noticeable in a lack of
online activity & site updates here) and that is why they’re taking a little

Just before the break: I may have discovered a planet or
something else! * I take a few quick snapshots of the moon (starting with the
default settings which overexpose the moon) from our back yard, and in the
resulting images there is an extra planet that was not visible to the naked eye?

Discovery of a ghost inside my lens that secretly duplicates planets? Or some
type of reflective coating causing this behavior. Still cool though.

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Aug 2 2005
Thanks to the internet this new Apple product caused a lot of buzz on
it’s first day out. A multi-button mouse from Apple? Who’d have thought? mac
mini, intel cpus, multi-button mouse. What’s next?

As a high-mileage
Logitech & Microsoft critter user, I seriously doubt I’ll buy one of these,
ever. I’ve never liked Apple’s one button mouse. It doesn’t fit my hand and it’s
slow … By fit alone they’re basically out of luck. I may use one when they
come standard with a future Apple computer; though with this dual 2.5 G5 under
my desk, that will not be happening for several years to come.

good: multi-button, innovative: touch sensitivity, 4th button = side squeeze
action, tiny little scroll ball, improved tracking
The bad: it’s named
Mighty Mouse, it has a tail, same form factor, programmability requires
The unknown: tactile feedback, lifting fingers to use tiny scroll
wheel & click

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