Mighty Mouse?

Thanks to the internet this new Apple product caused a lot of buzz on
it’s first day out. A multi-button mouse from Apple? Who’d have thought? mac
mini, intel cpus, multi-button mouse. What’s next?

As a high-mileage
Logitech & Microsoft critter user, I seriously doubt I’ll buy one of these,
ever. I’ve never liked Apple’s one button mouse. It doesn’t fit my hand and it’s
slow … By fit alone they’re basically out of luck. I may use one when they
come standard with a future Apple computer; though with this dual 2.5 G5 under
my desk, that will not be happening for several years to come.

good: multi-button, innovative: touch sensitivity, 4th button = side squeeze
action, tiny little scroll ball, improved tracking
The bad: it’s named
Mighty Mouse, it has a tail, same form factor, programmability requires
The unknown: tactile feedback, lifting fingers to use tiny scroll
wheel & click

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