Sep 22 2005
Yes, FEMA contracted trucks hauling ice for the hurricane Katrina relief
effort have started to arrive in Portland, ME to put the ice in refrigerated
storage. Nobody knows why and there are more questions than answers. Clearly not
an example of efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Oh, and I would not
be surprised if this ice will have to be trucked back south for the Rita relief

WMTW news story.

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Sep 20 2005

Apple dot mac

I wasn’t very thrilled last night by the fact that Apple took .mac offline
for 4 hours for scheduled maintenance; without notifying the user-base.

On the other side of the coin, it meant that finally a long overdue
update was being installed. Coincidentally ;) just in time before the majority
of subscribers are up for renewal. .mac now features standard 1GB iDisk storage
for email & homepage (up from 256MB) with 10GB/month transfer limit (up from
3). New is the groups feature that allows several people to cooperate on a

Maybe subdomains ( and custom 404
pages are for next fall?

They also released Backup 3 with backup
presets, automatic scheduling, incremental backups and advanced file
restoration. It now also is possible to back up more than one system to .mac.
Can’t wait to try some of those features. With the increased iDisk space it now
should be possible to have an simple automated backup of the most important
files without needing a 3rd party application.

Still no sign of the
.mac Dashboard widgets which were promised at the
launch of OS X
. Maybe those will be announced later today as Apple Expo Paris
is underway?

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Sep 18 2005

I’m in the process of tweaking a few things, so I apologize if during
the update process certain pages and/or images are not available.Hopefully I can fix that pesky Safari stylesheet switching problem
(if not alternate styles will be dropped)

By the way; I did notice
the shoutbox column has been empty the past days. I don’t know why. The code is
there + the homepage is up; but I can’t pull the messages? Server
error? I notified the admin :)

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Sep 4 2005
I hope everybody had a safe & relaxing labor day. We decided to just
stay at home rather than trying to go somewhere for 3 days. We returned a few
days ago, and so just wanted to sit in the garden and relax.

We had
a good time in Florida. Of course it was hot and humid, that’s how Florida is in
the summer. Quite a bit of work but also loads of fun. To my surprise I
windsurfed three days and you certainly will not hear me complain about that. We
were “un-tethered” – no newspaper, radio, TV, internet – when I noticed a nice
breeze one evening, which I just had to take advantage of.

next day there was even more wind. Yippie!

we heard there was a hurricane coming! Uh, what?! Since last year, my heart
skips a beat whenever I hear that. I don’t know if it’s PTSD. It probably is.
Fortunately it all worked out for us and we had no problems. Only wind and some
heavy rain from the outer feeder bands. In South Florida and the gulf it’s an
entirely different story … Our thoughts go out to all those affected by

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