2005 is the year of HD, err., no the iPod!

You can’t believe anything anymore. How many weeks ago did we still hear
“We’re not doing video on the iPod … there is no content, too small, …”?
While we all out loud pointed to digital camera movie clips, iMovie,
vid(eo)casts, music videos, etc ; we were led to believe this had to be the HD
thing. Plus the PowerBook line & the Mac mini can get an overdue update.

No, another month, another iPod! The 5th generation
… “And yes, it does video” (MPEG4 & H.264 at 30fps) on a
2.5″ color screen with 320×240 pixels, comes with a 30GB/60GB hard drive, can
download trailers + ABC tv shows from the iTunes Music store via iTunes
, has a 31% (30GB) 12% (60GB) thinner body (a mistake in my opinion
as everybody can use a little extra battery life which they’ll need for video!),
record in stereo, available in black, comes with a case, includes the recent
nano features for the same price. Pretty sweet compared to 4th gen. models, but
unfortunately you can’t just keep buying another iPod every few months. What do
you do with the one(s) you have already? They should have had these last
Christmas season :/

The iMac got thinner too (did they solve the heat
& fan issues?) and has a host of welcome little updates, most notably a
small infrared remote to control your iMac using a new application/interface
called Front Row to let you view movies, DVDs, photos
and listen to music from your favorite sofa. iMacs now also include a built-in
webcam/iSight, bigger hard drive, … and come with a Mighty Mouse.

While Apple pushes the iMac now as an entertainment hub, it really
does lack a few features like TV & PVR (built-in)(3rd party is possible).
Plus really, all this should be wrapped up in a Mac Mini with support for large
screen LCDs & Plasmas. Btw, Apple dropped the dial-up modem from the iMac.
You have to buy a dongle! No more faxing or good old fashioned dial-up for when
broadband fails.

You can view the “One More Thing” Special Event in
Quicktime [link].

Two and a half months left on
the “Year of HD” ;)

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