Averatec customer service & repair score = 0/10

Fedex delivered Kiwi – our Averatec 4200 series notebook model
AV4265-EH1 (fabrication 04/2005) – this afternoon.

The initial
excitement wore off really fast when I opened the accessory box only to find
that the battery had not been replaced. Same little scuff marks, same secret
little pen mark and the same serial number. So much for the promised battery
replacement under warranty. Btw. their battery warranty is only 6 months and has
now expired during this 5 week repair trip.

But it gets worse. In
the main system box there is another surprise: the DVD drive protrudes 3mm
outside of the case? Now, that is strange. At first I thought perhaps it was
just the tray that wasn’t fully closed, but no, it’s all the way in?! Not good.

Well, let’s fire her up. Insert battery. Power up. Pushing the eject
button does not eject the tray, which most likely means it is not powered.
Before Windows is completely loaded I’m greeted with some pre-installed
software’s warning that no writer can be found. My suspicion is confirmed when
the device manager does not list the drive. Either it is not hooked up or he/she
pinched one or more wires.

fabulous! At least before the repair session it still worked! Even if it was
only at 1x vs 6x. What a waste of time. Basically they had this machine for two
weeks and the only visible thing they did is a totally failed DVD-burner
replacement, after which they shipped it to the wrong address.

thing I can’t wrap my head around is, how in the world can you not mount it
properly? As far as I know there are no adjustable guides in notebooks.
Everything fits in its place or it doesn’t. But, even if nothing were to stick
outside of the case, you’d still make sure it works, right?

Time to
calmly call Averatec. I asked to know which repairs were performed. But, that
information is not available. There should be a note in the box. I
double-checked. No note. After a long calm talk … the best Averatec can do is
have it picked up at my place tomorrow via Fedex Ground and look into fixing
their repair. I am not happy with the shipping method, given that the notebook
was shipped out by me on 11/12. The guy explains that there is no other option.
Averatec’s corporate policy is that they only use ground. So we are looking at
another 3 weeks without this notebook. ( 1 week ground to California, 1 week to
repair it, 1 week return shipping ) Hopefully at least they will not hand it
over to the same tech.

Adding up all the time we spent on
troubleshooting this machine that means it will total > 2 months of
troubleshooting, repair & shipping, versus 5 months of use.

to go Averatec. This is not customer service. You just lost a few customers and
I’m not recommending your products any more.

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