Thank you!

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes, cards & gifts. They are very much appreciated.

” Hey, icerabbit, what’s that thing with an Apple logo on?” Oh, that! ;-)
Say hello to ” icecream ” (ijsje). A cream of the crop PowerBook with upgraded faster hard drive & expanded memory. Yummie!

She is my first mobile mac. I have been sitting on the fence for a very long time debating if I should get an iBook perhaps – but I find those to have a few limitations (mainly the # of pixels of the screens) At one point I almost decided to buy a 12″ PowerBook, but I liked the 15″ better. And now with their recent updates Santa & Carolyn worked together to get me a 15″ PowerBook as Christmas & Birthday & New Year’s present. And there was custom protection sleeve too.

Thank you darling! I am really delighted.

Now the only detail is Carolyn’s hot tub I haven’t unloaded from Santa’s sleigh. Will it wait ’til
spring, when the ground thaws and I can build the deck? That is the other part of the gift ;-)

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