iBlog 2 preview released

As of today Mac users can finally get a glimpse of the upcoming iBlog 2.

After a few delays in the past months, it missed the official alpha
/ beta transition point by a week. It honestly was a close call. A pair of
recently discovered necessities, together with the strong pursuit of maximum
flexibility, slowed things down.

The good news is that the road
ahead is brighter & shorter. I know all too well it has been a long wait.
But, iBlog 2 has come a long way. Rebuilding from the ground up with absolute
emphasis on flexibility, customizability & user friendliness – based on v1
user feedback and new trends – takes a lot of thought and effort. So, yes, it’s
not complete just yet, but it’s close. There are a few more exciting features on
the drawing board, which I’m sure will be well received. So, if you have a spare
moment, download it, have look, share some thoughts in the forum and give Sarat
a thumbs up :)

iBlog v2 preview – also known as beta 1 – is available
from Lifli at ibloggers.net :)

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