My parents’ divorce is final

Sometimes you receive news that lifts a huge load of your shoulders and brings tears to your eyes.Today was one of those days.

After appeal, my parents’ divorce has now been ruled against my dad (because of his extra-marital affair).
He also has been denied his repeated request for lifelong alimony.

It still is somewhat hard to believe that this ruling finally came. But, we are so happy it did. As some of
you know, the divorce was initially ruled against my mom because he had claimed she had an affair et-cetera, while it was the absolute opposite. I vividly remember that a few days after our (Carolyn & me) wedding party in Belgium, back in 2000, my father told me he had met somebody about half a year earlier
and had been seeing her for the past few months. My mom didn’t know about it yet, … He told my mom nothing happened and he wasn’t seeing her anymore. Eh, right. Lies, lies, lies! Good thing there are witnesses and that in the end truth & justice prevail.

Now we just have to wait and see when he will be agreeable to a fair property settlement, which he has refused for I don’t know how many months.

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