Happy Easter

Yes, the icerabbit has been very quiet lately. Online at least. I guess, that happens when you’re as busy as a bee and try to juggle a few different things. Something has to go on the back burner and before you know it weeks go by.We are enjoying a nice and early spring, after a really warm January, February & March. I don’t think it happens too often that you wear shorts & a t-shirt in Maine pretty much day in day out in April. Two weeks ago I was outside doing some paint work and getting a tan. No, I’m not kidding. At 70F/20C it felt like mid-summer and was just too hot to keep my shirt on :)

So what is new?

Photography has been really slow. We hardly had any snow and it always melted in a matter of days, which meant no snowshoe trekking nor snowmobiling. The first flowers are still a few weeks away. In the warmest spots you can already see the first plants stand tall so I’m itching to go to the arboretum and some other nearby parks.

We’re on a gigabit ethernet now. I still need to order some Cat6 cables, which tend to be pricey, to go full throttle. For some obscure reason Netgear does seem to have a throughput flaw over Linksys, in that when you “open in tabs” a series of bookmarks in Safari you’ll get 5 pages which time-out or so, versus none with Linksys. Haven’t had time to look at the details.

C has severe hard drive issues. I am pretty much convinced now that a hard drive can fail at any time. It is not a matter of IF, but a WHEN will it fail. Hard drives that do not work out of the box, hard drives that fail after 6 months, … I’m really considering a dedicated network storage server.

The house is still coming along. One project at a time.

I had planned to build a nice little deck in the back yard today, but Home Depot decided otherwise as they are closed. Go figure. You can’t do anything today, besides buying overpriced gas and a soda. If you’re lucky you’ll find a few of the chain restaurants open. Speaking of which. The other day, as
we haven’t been very happy at Longhorn (two weeks in a row they did not cook the steaks right), we decided to try out the new restaurant in town: Red Robin. Boy is it ever noisy! I thought I was at some Disneyworld or Universal cafeteria. The food was very average too, unfortunately. Anyway.

Our new master bathroom is 95% finished. I still have to place the ceiling tiles and touch up two spots of paint.

One thing I am pretty excited about is that this old house no longer features the old & worn green carpet. As I had to rent the big drum sander to refinish the floor in the third bedroom / guest room, I figured why not go for it and do some other rooms while I am at it. So, I’m in the process of re-finishing half the floors to shiny hardwood. I would do more, but I can only empty so many rooms at once ;) The tv/media room & dining room are all done. The 3rd bedroom will get a few coats of polyurethane in the upcoming days. Add some paint details, door & molding installations and that room will be done :) Right now I’m sweating the detail work on the staircase’s steps. Loads of hand work with all those tight little corners.

One of the upcoming major projects will be fixing up the garage. Strip it down to bones. Raise it. Put foundation under it. Straighten it. Etc.

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