Jun 21 2006

Keep bringing boxes!

Seven is first to take control over the new cardboard box

Jun 21 2006

Seven inspecting the newly refinished hardwood floor

Seven inspects the newly refinished dining room floor.

Jun 21 2006

Pneumatic isn’t perfect, but it’s fast and a lot of fun :)

icerabbit working on the roof of his garage

Some of the house wrap on one side isn’t in mint condition, but it’s still air and water tight.

Driveway view of the work in progress

I framed a door way while I was at it. It will greatly enhance moving between the garage and garden.

side entry door

Neighbor’s view with new siding installed.

West side is finished with paint and siding

Stay tuned for Part 3.

Jun 8 2006

Needed: serious DIY person with skills, patience, perseverance and sense of adventure
Job at hand: one 75+ year old garage in need of some serious TLC to fix: in-grown tree damage, water infiltration, missing sills, roof, siding and preferably install some type of foundation.

deal applicant: icerabbit

So what exactly has been my main DIY activity for the past few weeks?

icerabbit in lifted garage

Inside view

icerabbit peeking under the side of the garage in mid air

Yes, it is completely off the ground!
Forms and rebar are ready for concrete

The forms are ready.

And we have concrete:

Stay tuned for more images in Part B.