Merry Christmas

We wish our family and friends all around the world a Merry Christmas.

Fortunately not everything melted away the past few days, so we still have snow on the ground. We try to decorate a little different every year and this is our front garden display.

Winter scene


  1. Season’s Greetings to you too.

    So has icerabbit committed to WP and if so, what does this bode for the future of your iBlog? I see you got your archives across (my first post was Oct ’03 too!), although not all the images. If you were running a self-install I would suggest a search-and-replace of your database to fix this, perhaps using a plugin or phpMyAdmin (you could even export your DB, do the search-and-replace in BBEdit, then re-import it). I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t think WP is limited based on your experience; it’s very configurable and extensible—but this does require a suitable hosting service.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    I can’t say I have committed to WP just yet, but I really like the universal / cross platform access. Yes, unfortunately the 3rd party iBlog export method you documented left all images with he http://localmachine path and doesn’t carry over the images from inside the entries.

    Thanks for the tip on the search and replace. I just wanted to get some content out when I converted it over and did the most important entries manually. I may just do the bulk search and replace via the export and import method. Then automatically extract all images from the iblog structure and upload them in batch. But, it would still leave me with a big batch of odd line and paragraph returns. There’s no ideal solution, I guess.

    I will very likely end up rolling my own WP server and theme. Coming from iBlog’s ultra flexibility that we co-designed … you just can’t live without certain options ;)

    So, I am going to keep an eye out for some server space. Not an easy decision. I could go with my registrar, not expensive but no automated installs. I believe you’ve walked away from dreamhost, and so has Sarat, I think, … and beyond that it is a real forest out there, and sometimes gets really expensive really fast.

  3. I’m very happy with (mt)—say I sent you! Their tech support has been excellent as I recently experienced with my migration from (ss) to (gs). I’ve also heard good things about A Small Orange via the 9rules forum.

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