Geek enough?

geek enough


  1. Is the image so dark because you’re sucking up all the neighbourhood’s electricity? Do tell me that arrangement was just for show… or I’m calling Jerry Springer ;-)

  2. LOL :) LOL

    I am actually a pretty conservative user of natural resources, I think. Though last night may have been an exception ;)

    The original image was a bit dark (no flash, backlit, auto, …) and After C showed me a picture she had just taken which had two dark screens in it, I did take them off standby for a re-take. But, other than that it is really not staged because it is incredibly cluttered. There is sooo much stuff on my desk right now, it is not even funny.

    Yes, ordinarily I do have a lot of computers, electronics & gadgets around, but this was / is (hum hum) a bit much. Yesterday I had changed some of the network security settings, was busy installing updates on two machines, doing email on one, googling on another and had the tv on. Regular geek multitasking and staring at screens. Which is how C came to take a snapshot.

    I will have to do a daytime staged shot shortly to update this image [ ] … once I get the clutter out of the way ;)

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