DNS vacuum – no email for me?

Or maybe I should say DNS hell? If you have tried to email me in the past week, you will have received a 550 Relay Prohibited automated reply. Which is unfortunately not fixed yet.

This 1and1 domain now points correctly to mediatemple (not .mac or wordpress.com), but it also ate my email settings. 1and1 Support said that shouldn’t have happened and has given me instructions on how to solve it. Basically you revert Basic DNS Settings back to 1and1 and then switch back to My Name Server, add mediatemple again as your own name server, save, wait for updating. You see the web domain go down … and back up. And, you still don’t get email. Wonderful. A second call. Followed the instructions on the phone. Wait. Still no email.

To me it seems there is an issue with their setup where Basic and Advanced DNS don’t mix.

With the Default Basic DNS you get access to the MX mail server.

Strangely enough once you point to your own DNS server – as per their instructions on how to do it – the MX server disappears from Advanced DNS.

I think their support suggestion of applying settings under both Basic DNS settings doesn’t work. To me it seems like a clear selection from a pull down menu for a reason. Which ever you have selected in Basic is what is retained when you hit Save.

Time for call #3.

I sometimes really cannot understand how something so simple can be so hard with large companies. I can’t be the only one, let alone the first one, having this problem. Can I?

I’m also trying to get some input from MediaTemple (mt). I have recreated my mailbox there, but neither the old mailbox at 1and1 nor new one at (mt) is getting any mail.

Hopefully things will be back to normal shortly. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fix something you don’t have control over.

Update: Fixed!

Now, why didn’t any of the smart people at 1and1 tell me that after changing the DNS setting, the record is actually controlled by (mt)? Rooting around (mt) moments ago I just found I could edit my own zone file which contained my new MX server setting. And, (mt) just informed me I had created my email account correctly, but not activated it in another screen. Eh? All right. My bad then.


  1. Opps! I sent you one or two e-mails while you were away I think, but none came back with an error. I had no trouble updating the MX records to move my e-mail away from (mt) to Gmail, and when I originally transfered my domain/ e-mail to (mt) it was essentially a one-click overnight process from my domain registrar. Is it 1&1 that’s the problem here? I am sorry this move is proving less than smooth for you :-|

  2. Hi Bruce, your emails arrived fine at my .mac account.

    The transition just has had some growing pains. New servers, habits, settings and not enough FAQ & KB. I was just digging around in my (mt) account and found I can edit my own zone file. Didn’t realize it would reside at (mt) and not 1and1 since I still have a bunch of settings there, and their support didn’t clue me in.

    Plus (mt) just told me my email account was created, but inactive. Still not sure where that setting is at, but I got email back.

  3. Update. Found the seperate gridcontrol module at the bottom to disable and enable email. Not really the most user friendly that you can create email accounts without activating email first.
    Live and learn every day.

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