Out of hibernation

Positive temperatures have returned. The snow is melting and since I can step outside in a t-shirt (I am pretty cold tolerant), spring must be around the corner. Finally! Though, I shouldn’t say it too loud. While spring may come next week, according to the calendar, we are looking at another month and a half before it will stop freezing (crossing fingers).

The past winter was the coldest and strongest we have experienced. Record cold temperatures – as cold as -50F or -45C is a new state record – and back to back snow storms really make you wish at times you were in a tropical place instead of the Maine foothills and mountains. One is almost a prisoner inside his/her house. Absent a january and february thaw, today is the first day I can start pulling up our outdoor Christmas decor, now that the last bit of snow & ice is melting. It looked great for about two weeks, until it was entirely burried under snow.

A few people have asked how things are, since I haven’t blogged in way too long (mea culpa).

Things are good. We can’t complain. 2008 was an odd year, and a busy one too. I don’t know how many trips we made and miles I drove, off the top of my head. Looking back it feels like I was somewhere else every few weeks and didn’t get anything done, so to speak.

The year started out nice and quiet, spring came, we started gardening and prepared for some DIY projects. Then extra family responsibilities cropped up … and time flew. We ended up not doing much remodeling, besides a total redo of the TV room & closet under the stairs. I had planned¬† to work on the cabin, but we were just too busy and pre-occupied with work and family matters.¬† I did learn a thing our two about cars, trailers and boats though. There is a Jeep in the family now and I am the captain of our boat :)

But, more on that in a short while.


  1. Welcome back icerabbit – I know you like it cold and all hibernation like – but things are a growing and the sun is up!

  2. Hi David!

    Yes, I know. The first flowers are already sprouting up.
    We are already on daylight savings, and it was 10C today!

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