Blog root change and a blank permalink page

I removed the splash page overnight. An idea left over from yesteryear, long overdue on the to do list.

To have the blog page display by default when you visit, I had to make some changes in WordPress and of course this didn’t go without a (minor) glitch.

Installing things in folders within any given website comes natural to me, so, the nice thing was that I had wordpress nicely installed in its subfolder and it was going to require minimal work. 

You can’t beat official instructions, so I followed the WordPress Codex instructions to “Giving WordPress its own Directory” which outlines this process. Even though my files are already in a subfolder, you can follow it to display the blog on the domain root. All goes well up to step 11. 

11. If you have set up Permalinks, go to the Permalinks panel and update your Permalink structure. WordPress will automatically update your .htaccess file if it has the appropriate file permissions. If WordPress can’t write to your .htaccess file, it will display the new rewrite rules to you, which you should manually copy into your .htaccess file (in the same directory as the main index.php file.)

Nothing. A blank page. Nothing to see or update. Tried removing one or both .htaccess files in the root and wordpress folder. No change. Figuring I can’t be the only one who stumbled on this, I searched the WordPress forum a little. Didn’t find a solution, posted a message in the support forum and since it was very late, I called it a night. The blog was working fortunately and so was the admin area, apart from permalinks.

I woke up early and figured the issue had to be with the .htaccess file. Before I looked at permissions, I compared the original site root .htaccess file to the new one that was moved in Step 7.

7. Copy the index.php and .htaccess files from the WordPress directory into the root directory of your site (Blog address).

Sure enough. The original one included a line to use php 5: 

AddHandler php5-script .php

After restoring this line the Permalinks page returned. 

So, if you have a host, like MediaTemple, which allows you to select PHP4 or PHP5 and you decide to move your WordPress blog index page to the root of the domain; try it with only moving the index.php file. 

The support request and my answer are posted here in the WordPress forum.

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  1. Ah… I wondered where the “AddHandler php5-script .php” in my .htaccess file came from. Now I know!

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