Now with HD banners

I trolled through our photo library a little bit yesterday, looking for a couple images and somehow (A.D.D. ?) ended up setting a taller banner size for the site and decided to use less compression on the images. 

I did not take the decision easily, since it does add some KB to the site, which directly effects users on slower connections. And, because of that I may not be totally set on the taller size, but with the higher percentage of broadband users, I think the time is right to boost the banner a little. It gives me a little extra room  to crop certain images and I think the result looks better for a photo banner. 

Plus, I will now be making a surprise appearance in the banner from time to time.

No, I’m not the frog waiting to be kissed! You’ll see :)


  1. Hey, welcome back to the circle of regular(-ish) bloggers! I almost missed The Return; I guess your feed had got the “find dinosaurs” treatment in NetNewsWire (yes, that really is the title of one of the Feed Reports, if you’re not a NNW user!). Anyways, it’s back in the “Do follow” list ;-)

  2. Thanks, Bruce :)

    It is easy to fall off the blog wagon when one gets busy doing other things like DIY, taking care of family, …

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