Summer summarized in one photo

As the days get shorter and the website & blogging bug started biting, it is easier to slip behind the computer in the evening and high time to share some of this summer’s news, which was intentionally kept a secret ’till family visited (so it would be a surprise).

Rather than getting into a lenghty post (and carrying on about the absolutely  horrible summer weather), I thought this snapshot might reveal some  changes in our life:

Car and house

Car and house

Yes, that is a different car in front of a different garage, which is of course attached to a different house.

So, yes :) we bought a new car and moved into a bigger  house.

We’re pretty excited. A super comfortable and safe all wheel drive vehicle for when winter hits. The house was not as easy nor quick a decision, but we after some negotiating, we bit the bullet.  We’re still getting settled, but you can look forward to a house tour soon.

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