Nov 7 2009

Mother nature brought us some snow, a little earlier than usual in the year. I snapped some images at sunrise that give a glimpse of our garden with a winter blanket of fresh snow.

garden at dawn
garden at dawn
pines covered in snow

branch silhouette
back garden

Nov 6 2009

Nothing fancy. Just my previous desk with the G5 and the mini and a big work table besides it. Only half my stuff is hooked up, and I still need to snake some cat 6 in, so I’m getting by on wifi to the router & NAS on other side of the house.

Currently on the bench: macbook with dead battery ( + full backup + snow leopard clean install) – hp slimline with dead psu -toshiba notebook waiting for windows 7.

icerabbit lab workbench

Nov 5 2009

Light snow at night

Nov 5 2009

Mother nature brought us some light snow this morning, which, together with freezing temperatures, probably means the end for these last standing flowers.

Melting snow on broccoli flowers

Melting snow on pink flower

Nov 4 2009

wood pile detail

wood pile overview

Almost finished stacking a few cords of wood :)