Digital Cable Adapter – First look

I picked up a couple of Time Warner Digital Cable Adapters this afternoon, so here are a few quick snapshots. I will share more photos at a higher resolution and additional details tomorrow, as I got home late and it is nearly midnight.

I think the photos are pretty self explanatory with a few shots of the box cover, content, manual, wall wart, cables. The cables are a coax cable and an IR cable to control your TV.

The device is a bit bigger than a credit card and quite small actually. The casing is metal. It feels weighted and robust.
The remote is small, basic, cheap … common with inexpensive TVs & the Over The Air antenna boxes. It is capable of being programmed for your TV set.
The wall wart is quite big and will take up a considerable spot on your power strip. Depending on your strip it may need three slots.

Off note: when I picked up these adapter boxes, I was told, more than once, that anybody without a digital cable box will need one of these adapters per tv. More on that in my next post.

To be continued …

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