TWC staff: You need a Digital Cable Adapter for everything.

To expand a bit more on my interaction with TWC staff yesterday:

Late yesterday afternoon, while running errands, I stopped at the Time Warner Cable office in Augusta to inquire and (if they had them) pick up two Digital Cable Adapter boxes. There were some banners on display about the digital conversion and they had a temporary table setup to right hand side as you come in, with two computer stations and two staff members dedicated to customers coming in about the Digital Cable Conversion. Behind the table were a stack of boxes with the adapters.

They asked me how many TVs I had and I said I was just going to pick up two adapters for my analog DVR & DVDR. Both staff members said that everybody needs a Digital Cable Adapter per TV set. I replied asking: Even if I have modern HDTVs with a digital tuner and I already get some digital channels, I will really need on of those boxes? For every TV? They said: Yes, you need an adapter per TV, no matter which tuner it has. They insisted that unless you have one of their big (higher tier) Digital Cable Boxes (pointing to one mounted on the wall behind them) you will no longer get any cable service. Everything that is attached directly to the cable / wall needs an adapter or box. No adapter or box, no cable TV. The guy said Cable TV is going password protected. Etc.

Boxes can already be authorized on the network. I was told to call the number in the box from my home phone and follow the automated prompts.

There was some positive spin of course, that customers have reported they get better service and a clearer picture, etc.

I will try to put that to the test shortly. Stay tuned.


  1. I did not get any of these digital converters because I thought that this was a scam. To this day my 3 tvs operate the EXACT same way as they have always operated. I have 2 older tvs and one new one.
    So far so good . TWC kept pushing down our throats to do this by OCT 19 well again here it is OCT 29 and everything is the SAME

  2. I think this is just one more TWC scam.

    I went online to order 2 adapters at the indicated URL. It sent me to an upgrade page that did not have any way to order the adapter.

    So I called the phone number on the letter sent by TWC. A woman answered and told me I had called the wrong number. She asked me if I had called 1-855-286-1736, which I had. She said she would connect me with the “right department.”

    Right. I was disconnected.

    Their other scam is to charge internet uses $3.95 per month for their modem.

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