Extra buttons for your blog

I created a few extra blog buttons for my blog, to replace some of the different credits & “powered by” images into something more compact, uniform & coherent. The buttons are based on the design of existing buttons for blogorama, blogwise, etc. Available new buttons are: iBlog – Haloscan – Apple – Mac OS X – Mac.com – JAlbum – Activetopic – based on their known icons or logo. I also have Valid RSS HTML XHTML CSS buttons. Some other buttons were refitted to size & received a lick of paint. If you like any of them, you may download them here, from my site to use with your blog. (no direct linking please) All I hope I may ask for is a little link back. And, if you can’t resist, I have an icerabbit blogbutton! Please note that I’m still working on these buttons a little bit when I have some extra time. PS: I’m aware of a few point RGB difference in the grey background shade, but I’m not sure what causes it; as they were all created with the same template. Maybe the PNG-8 compression causes it? I’ll try fixing it ASAP though.

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