Oct 5 2007

Our cats, Seven and Wizard, now have their own blog: tabbyandtuxedo.com

Sep 30 2007

We have an extra cat!
This has been in the wings the past few days.
While shopping around for an aquarium, we fell in love with Swizzle who was in a little cage at the pet store, waiting for adoption. She was just too cute and sweet not to react. We submitted the online application with Save Our Strays of Maine and were in touch via email and phone. We talked about us, our cats Seven & Wizard, etc. and they gave it the green light. We are approved to be the adoptive parents of Swizzle. So signed the paperwork and picked her up at the pet store today.
Swizzle is such a sweetheart!
Hello swizzle

Sep 30 2007

M came to us via our cats last week and after making sure he was well, we set M free today.

Mouse looking outside of its nest

Mouse climbing to the top of open cage

Mouse between plants

Jun 21 2006

Keep bringing boxes!

Seven is first to take control over the new cardboard box

Jun 21 2006

Seven inspecting the newly refinished hardwood floor

Seven inspects the newly refinished dining room floor.

Apr 16 2006

Nothing beats a refinished floor that is cat inspected & carries a seal of approval ;)

Cat’s seal of inspection on refinished hardwood floor

Dec 11 2005
Our two felines Seven & Wizard joined us on our trip south. They
behaved very well in the car. Wizard did excellent compared to his last road
trip two years ago. Maybe they knew they were going on a Florida hunting

Wizard like a true tiger, surveying the area:

Seven moved so fast outdoors I had trouble snapping her photo. Every time
I walked closer she thought I’d pick her up to go inside.

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Mar 18 2005
Cats can meow, hiss, … and talk back.

Click the image to open the movie (~3MB compressed) in a new window.

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Feb 6 2005
Waking up (by F)

Green eyes (by F)

Pledge of allegiance (by C)

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Dec 1 2004
I had some fun testing the flash & focus system on the 20D.

Come to Seven

fear in the mouse’s eyes says it all: “Uh Oh!”

Wizard, there always has to be an observer, right? Just in case stuff like this

One of the mice decided to fly behind the tree for cover.
Who said
throwing mice and keeping 2 hands on the camera was easy? ;-)

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