Mar 16 2007

I ran a dog sled today!

Rather than a ‘tour’ and being a passenger; the guides saw me fit to run a dog sled myself. They gave me some instructions and away we were. It was actually very nerve wrecking initially. You don’t have a sense of control – the dogs just race all they can when you start – and you are responsible for your passenger’s safety. I had to use all my weight and muscle to steer it. Keeping it on track can be quite the challenge on varied terrain with icy patches and too many curves … and trees! All in all: super exciting and well worth it. The thing that really amazed me is how much the huskies love snow and how they love to pull the sled. They run their hearts out.

Would I do it again? Definitely.

icerabbit dog sledding

[ That's me with the red scarf ]

Apr 23 2004
We’re flying to Belgium tomorrow (Belgi

Mar 28 2004
I had my very first dose of skiing today and … I love
it :)

yours truly near the bottom of the slope

We drove West towards the Sunday River Ski area (Bethel,

Cross country skiing on Saturday was great, apart from the
downhill bits on thin packed snow & ice. Nothing but fun on the flat &
going uphill, but I couldn’t quite get the skis to grip on the way down and fell
a few times while the tips of those boots stay locked in. Ouch! Horrible for the
ankles and no soft landing either. It probably would have been better without
the wintry mix earlier in the season.

This morning I had a first
skiing initiation class. Great thing was, I was the only pupil :) Scott, my
trainer was absolutely great! Rather than getting on the snow after 45 minutes,
we were out the door in 15 :) After a little bit of practice on the flat with
one ski and some turning & stopping practice amongst other things; we
started using the small tow lift. In no time we went up higher with the medium
lift & then used the main lift to get to the top of the green slopes after
an hour. Wow. I couldn’t believe it! It was like magic. Riding the big ski lift,
slopes everywhere you look … and I’m just a newbie! Things went really well. I
hit the snow a few times, but at least it was soft :) After 4 rides we tried a
blue trail, but that was a bit too challenging. A matter of technique &
confidence … I need a bit more mileage for the next level ;)

the class I skied some more in the afternoon, but I was really getting tired,
both in my legs & brain. One thing is sure: I’ll ski again! And I won’t
forget the sunscreen and will be wearing gloves :)

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Mar 11 2004
Visited States Map

I guess we have not been sitting still, when we’ve been in this many
states in 4 years. Granted, some states were just a brief visit in a certain
town or area; or a stop on the way to other destinations (and thus not a tourist
vacation within that state); but it is still cool to see I’ve been in over half
the states … in 4 years. We need frequent driver miles on top of our frequent
flyer miles, as a lot of these were not by air. ;-) WINK

generated by World

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Mar 8 2004
Paul Revere Monument in Boston

We’re back from Boston, safe and well. Driving was not too bad,
though I did leave the car parked once we were there! Massachusetts = dangerous
drivers and they sure haven’t lost their habits yet. The weather wasn’t very
cooperative photography wise the first 2 days, but it was nevertheless a nice
visit. We enjoyed our stay at the Westin
Copley Place
(though our reserved room type was not available). I
walked the Freedom
and popped in the Cambridge Apple
, taking advantage of the fact that I actually was near an Apple
store once.

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