Nov 7 2009

Mother nature brought us some snow, a little earlier than usual in the year. I snapped some images at sunrise that give a glimpse of our garden with a winter blanket of fresh snow.

garden at dawn
garden at dawn
pines covered in snow

branch silhouette
back garden

Nov 5 2009

Light snow at night

Nov 5 2009

Mother nature brought us some light snow this morning, which, together with freezing temperatures, probably means the end for these last standing flowers.

Melting snow on broccoli flowers

Melting snow on pink flower

Apr 29 2009

I thought it felt a little warm out yesterday. Especially since this is the end of April and we’re in Maine, so I put two thermometers in the shade on the patio table.

93F in the shade

It was >90F (>32C) in the shade!

Quite a departure and historic heat record in Maine, considering the previous record was 73F, according to wunderground

April heat record in Maine

Feb 11 2008

The good thing about going to Florida for two weeks mid-winter is that you get to spend some time in a warmer climate, relax, sun & surf.

The bad thing about going to Florida for two weeks mid-winter is that you can come back to 15F with 25mph winds (think 0F wind chill) and more than a foot of snow & ice covering everything. Reality can be cold and white.

Dec 11 2007

Small chunks of ice started floating down the Kennebec river overnight. A certain sign that winter is coming.

Riverside at the Kennebec River in Augusta

Jan 5 2006

We enjoyed our first snow for 2006. Nothing major. About 3-4 inches.
Just enough to put everything under a nice white blanket again.Mini tree with lights in the snow

Apr 6 2005

The Kennebec river went several feet above flood stage here in Augusta, causing a considerable part of the riverside city park to be flooded and this sign (at the start of a walking trail by the access to the boat
ramp) to stand up to it’s shoulders in water.

Mar 10 2005

The neighbors still had to dig out a little after the plow guy carefully moved the bulk of the snow away from their cars. Our driveway was not too bad. It only took me a big hour to shovel the driveway clean.

Feb 11 2005
I have never moved that much snow on a continuous basis before. I don’t
mind a bit of snow, but we’ve had I don’t know how many inches now and it is
still snowing. Enough already! All that shoveling (and hanging some drywall
actually) made my arms feel like they’re two inches longer. LOL. And, where do
you put all this snow?

( little peek in the back yard, which
actually doesn’t look too bad )

a big half hour of digging around this morning (and several clearing sessions
yesterday (morning, noon, afternoon, night), I had cleared the driveway again.
The only question was how tough it would be to drive through the snow pack on
the street. It didn’t look like the city came around since yesterday afternoon.
Luckily there came one of the big trucks with two plows. Right on time! Oh, wait
a sec, … no, he’s not going to plow us right back in, right?! (happened every
time yesterday) I ran back to the street with my shovel and the driver was nice
enough to lift the side plow a little so we only got a quarter load of all the
snow that was on the street. The rest of the folks in our street were out of
luck, with a super-sized at least knee-deep 2 foot wide mound of packed snow all
along their driveway. Happy digging!

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