Windy wet day.

So far we’ve enjoyed the very mild fall weather. Nothing
out of the ordinary. A few frosty mornings & rain showers early October but,
other than that, nice and sunny weather with 65-75F. Great for fall foliage
picture hunting :)
Today it’s a different story with a big weather-front
going through New England. Rain, rain, rain & wind, wind, wind. (where’s my
windsurf board!?) Unfortunately the wind is so strong (25-50 mph) that many
trees have lost a substantial amount of their beautiful coats … but, I cross
my fingers I’ll still be able to capture more of nature’s fall beauty.

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Early this morning, while the fog was still lifting in
surrounding areas, I went on a short hike along a nearby small river trail. Of
the pictures I snapped along the way, I particularly like the reflection of
these trees in the slow moving shallow water that is rippling over some water
plants …

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Happy Columbus Day weekend

The weather up North should be excellent during this extended weekend and
we will be taking advantage of that to go leaf-peeping, as they call it. While
in our area foliage color change is around 30-50%, we are getting reports that
W-NW of here towards the mountains & New Hampshire it’s near or at peak, so
that’s where we’re heading. I for one can NOT wait to see what breathtaking
views we’ll encounter. I was eager to head NW last weekend already but the rain
& fact that it was reported at 75% kept us inside. Crossing my fingers for
some awesome photos.

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Gallery update

We posted new images in the online gallery.

Apartment tour: some images of our apt in Maine
* Bridge: fog & sun
provide contrasting & mystic images at the bridge over the Kennebec river

* Maine walks – Hobbit Park: scenic walk in the woods along the

If you would like a higher resolution copy of any image for
your desktop wallpaper, please drop me a line and I’ll gladly email a copy.

PS: Please note that there is currently no direct link back from the
gallery to the blog as I still need to recode the menu.

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First post

It’s a pretty exciting evening:

Welcome to
our “blog” * :)

While I still have some integration work to do
& need to fix a few details, I decided to bring this new part of the
homepage online. Offline I was pleased with the test results, and now I can see
if there’ll be more blog challenges ahead or if it’ll be a smooth ride.

Anyway, this was the first online post


(* blog = short for web-log, a more recent
internet approach which allows more frequent & quick updates without having
to worry about the coding part).

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