Dec 11 2007

Small chunks of ice started floating down the Kennebec river overnight. A certain sign that winter is coming.

Riverside at the Kennebec River in Augusta

Jan 5 2006

We enjoyed our first snow for 2006. Nothing major. About 3-4 inches.
Just enough to put everything under a nice white blanket again.Mini tree with lights in the snow

Apr 3 2005

A little extra snow for the western Maine mountain region

while the rivers are opening up.

Mar 11 2005

The bench at the entrance of the Arboretum seems a little low to put your snow shoes
on or tie your shoe laces …

Mar 10 2005

The neighbors still had to dig out a little after the plow guy carefully moved the bulk of the snow away from their cars. Our driveway was not too bad. It only took me a big hour to shovel the driveway clean.

Feb 1 2005

I ventured out in the cold to capture some of winter’s beauty. See ” Winter 2005 ” in the gallery.