We are blogging mobile

Actually, we are ultra-mobile. Blogging without a desktop or notebook computer from the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Certainly exciting, and goes to show how powerful compact gadgets can be. No power cord. No keyboard. And you don’t even have to use the stylus to type. You can just tap on the screen. Hit publish and ‘Boom’ … as Steve Jobs would say ;) Now I just need to figure out how I can do basic photo editing since I like to post pictures. Though, I admit, photo editing on a 4″ screen could be a challenge ;) Haha. But, seriously, publishing images to a blog this way would be ultra sweet and do-able if it weren’t for the size of the images most people start out with. The smallest resolution images my cameras take is 1600×1200. Too big for blog purposes where <500px W and <25KB/img is desirable. I never thought I would think of how I can take smaller images with any of my cameras, but now I am :)

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