Happy thanksgiving

have had some fantastic experiences up here in Maine. Last weekend we drove up
to Quebec to an area that looked so desolate on the map…. and it was more
populated than where we live! I was dazed at how many houses and industry there
were. We didn’t find the northern lights, but we got to hear Canadian French
again in a little corner of the earth that hardly anyone ever sees. We ate in
this St. Hubert chicken restaurant which Carolyn loves and so must visit each
time we stumble into Canada ;) They went more upscale since we last were there.

northern lights because of the clouds, but the stars were so visible on the
border of Canada/Maine … UNBELIEVABLE!! Frank was even able to photograph
them with his digital camera on the roof of the van. Now THAT is bright! We saw
an adult moose by the side of the road as we drove back in the darkness. We
stopped again to look at the stars and it was so creepy to be in the total
darkness and complete quiet. I just knew aliens were going to beam us up and
subject us to anal probes at any second (or was it a Mainer walking from his
cabin with a

on this thanksgiving, we are thankful to call you all our friends. We hope you
all have a wondeful day with your family, and we hope to hear you are all happy

& F :)

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