Quiet week

Yes, it has been a quiet week at the icerabbit residence.

Nothing bad, just nothing major to report. We were a bit less
online, viewed a few foreign films (for the US), did some shopping &
unshopping (dead HDD), picked up a few books to read (well, mine are reference
guides), started planning a few things, … and I’m still going through a bit of
“mission organisation” (data onto DVD – WINK) and solving a few hardware &
software puzzles. You have to love a challenge!

We’re waiting for
snow – big time! Both for outdoor activities & photography. I can’t believe
it, but it’s the end of November and not a single snowflake yet. Some overnight
frost and once again another warm spell with rain is approaching. No snow = No
snowmobiling in foresight :/ In fact we found no snow in the state of Maine,
only North of Quebec City (CAN) where we headed this weekend to view the
Northern Lights. Did we see them? No, as luck would have it clouds rolled in
during the later part of the evening, covering the night sky at 10-11PM. Same
luck earlier in the week when I tried to view the Leonid meteor shower between
1-4 AM. A cloud left and right around midnight. An hour later I couldn’t find a
break in clouds.

We had a nice long drive though, refreshed memories
of being in NW Maine 3 yrs ago, discovered a bit more of Canada and saw more
stars than we ever did. Hours away from civilisation (in NW Maine) we saw
countless stars spanning the sky. It was pitch black outside but the sky was lit
with stars. I can’t remember driving in the car and seeing stars just
everywhere, left & right as low as the horizon. It was breathtaking.

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