Camera & printer order

Wanting to expand our possibilities a little bit, we took
the plunge and ordered a new digital camera … and are upgrading our printer
as well.

We decided on a 5 MegaPixel Canon Powershot G5 & a
Canon i9100. The jump to a compact 6MP or an SLR model was a bit bigger than we
wanted to take, so we settled for the G5. It’s not exactly pocket size, but it
does come with the features we considered crucial in order to upgrade. (5MP,
better zoom, bit larger LCD, swivel display) We’ll probably need some extra
compact flash storage given the 2.5 MB photos, but a 256MB card will do for the
time being.

The printer has received plenty of recommendations, uses
6 individual cartridges and allows up to A3 size printing, so that’ll be sweet.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see FedEx & UPS stop by later
in the week.
they’re not shipping from California!!

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