The faster cube

Thanks to C :)We exchanged our Cubes, so I’m nowsmiling ear to ear behind the 500 MHz Geforce 2 Cube. Swapped our hard disks andplanted some extra RAM. (1GB up from 768MB). The difference is not huge, butnoticeable. It’s nice to have a bit more “headroom” . I look forwardto update OS X from Jaguar tohref=””>Panther to get the addedbenefits. Maybe by the weekend I’ll be Pantherized. The only thing I don’t knowis how iBlog will import the existing data. I always prefer a clean install overan upgrade (= erasing the partition) so I would need to make sure I know how torestore the blog …For the rest it’s waiting forhref=””>Anniversary of theMac. Something new is bound to come out! Rumor has it there’ll be an importantApple ad at the superbowl. No, we’re not curious! ;)


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