Busy weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend. The weather was a bit
uncooperative for our friend’s flights on Friday (de-icing queue in Boston &
Portland International Jetport (PWM) started plowing snow 1 hour late) causing a
2 hour delay.

We toured the area on Friday evening. Saturday morning
we went dogsledding 2 hours North of here, near Moosehead lake, with our guide
Ed Mathieu from moosecountrysafaris.com.

It was a great experience. So quiet & peaceful. I can certainly
recommend it.
We had lunch at The Black Frog and
drove into Canada to see a few sights and visit the ice hotel
near Quebec.

Truly a unique place. I doubt we’ll stay overnight any
time soon though. It is too cold for my taste.

There was a very
frustrating dinner delay at the Auberge Benedict Arnold.
Those with reservations who arrived at 8PM had dinner close to 10PM. Not enough
staff, and they really didn’t do anything to handle such situation (greet the
customers, give them an aperitif with a snack, explain the delay, … rather
than keeping them waiting, then waiting in the hallway, sitting at an empty
table while staff runs around ignoring you for 20 minutes, etc) Add a chain
smoker in the non smoking section … and you understand we were a little
frustrated – and HUNGRY. If we hadn’t been recommended this auberge and hadn’t
had a good stay there in the past, we certainly would have walked away. Anyway.
Once we had some food & a glass of wine the atmosphere improved … and we
slept really well.

On the way back we did some sightseeing between
Notre Dame des Pins & the border, where I got caught in a little bit of
drifting snow …

While taking
a few photos the wind suddenly picked up. I don’t recall ever feeling so cold so
quickly in my hands & face. The snow dust really deep chills any exposed
skin in a matter of seconds. It sure increases your appreciation for
mountaineers, arctic adventurers, etc.

The rest of the trip back was
uneventful, and before dark we still got to visit our favorite little park.

A gallery update with photos from late December through January is
in the works :)

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