The new gallery is online + December photos uploaded

I switched to another JAlbum skin / theme called
Showoff (rather than further modifying the Exhibit theme I was using). Key ideas
were lighter code & pages, quick(er) browsing, neutral background, intuitive
navigation, a few extra details similar to the exhibit mod I did and good
rendering as low as 800×600. You’ll notice the thumbnails are a bit smaller
while the images are a little (1/4) bigger. It looks nicer with the bit larger
photos. The gallery renders fine in Mac IE 52 – Safari 1 – Firefox 0.8 and
Windows IE 6; so one should be set to view it :)

We added December
photos to the gallery. “mid December” has some general winter images and
“Christmas” will take you to Canada, Quebec City & snowmobiling through the
woods & countryside. Click here to jump there :)

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