P-Chip against politics? TV-PCA?

It would be nice if we could have something like the
(controversial) V-chip that blips out political ads and replaces it by a
soothing screen saver (or something of your liking).

I don’t mind
ads that talk about a candidates track record, their opinion & ideas for the
future. It’s those back to back ads which are 100% categorical opposite, the
back & forth negative campaining that makes me itch. Sure there’s some
truth, some smoke & then some, well you know. These ad campaigns are simply
too much.

There’s a lot of talk about decency, morality, ratings
etc. and we now have 5 seconds or more delay in certain broadcasts. They have a
point. There has to be a line somewhere. But how about fitting the shoe to
politics? An FCC TV-PCA rating to protect children & adults from political
campaign ads? Or TV-PTT to filter political trash talk …
It’s not
healthy to cause conflict, confusion & stress by stretching the truth,
distorting facts, spreading lies, etc.

Needless to say, election day
can’t come soon enough for me.

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