Trojan Horse affects OS X

Intego issues Mac OS X Trojan Horse warning

This is not good :( I hope Apple will cut this kind of
development short by taking whichever steps necessary so the OS can’t be
exploited in this way (prevent files from disguising as applications, file
extension & internal code should match one purpose (mp3 cannot delete &
alter other files), all applications require installation & authorization so
nothing can start behind the scenes, …
) and preferably without requiring
users to hook up with Symantec or McAfee to get in the annual fee, daily update,
continuous scanning & filtering needed mill. The last thing Apple users need
is viri, trojans and the like to worry about.

I’m not saying this
IS the case, but when one Anti-Virus company announces the first trojan to
affect a platform, it smells (of what was long thought but since surpassed in
the Windows world because of the vast explosion in viri & trojans) that
somebody might be working to increase their business. I can’t help but

Edit: Seems quite a few people agree that it’s not a
virus, but a general vulnerability and that Intego’s wording & actions could
have been better. See also this Wired article.

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