More security risks – not.

I can’t help but laugh and shake my head about some of the technology

A new Intego
trojan warning
. Do they really need to make a fool of themselves,
again?! You’d think they know what is what since they’re in the security
business. Let’s see. There is a small applescript file you can download from P2P
networks related to cracking Office for Mac, which in fact wipes your home
folder. Does that sound like anything virus-, trojan-, whatever-like? Not to me!
It’s nice that they alert against such a file but it has zero to do with the
virus & security realm. They need a computer dictionary.

A new
critical wireless
802.11b flaw
has been detected at a university. (Ok, you have my
attention.) You can disrupt a wireless network with a certain adaptor or
transmitter and block communications. Really?! And you need to be at a
university to figure that one out? Throw a metal/lead shield around a
transmitter and it’ll be mute. Put a more powerful emitter near the
infrastructure and it’ll blow the legitimate one out of the air. This has
happened with radio communications since whenever. Nothing new. Oddly enough
this would only affect 802.11b. Wrong. It affects every kind of radio
communication. The only difference is that with 802.11b you can hack the network
easier with cheaper tools and then mask the 3rd party router as the one to
authenticate with, get people’s NICs, the WEP keys, … and go to work with
those later. Old wireless security news in a new jacket.

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