I took the plunge ;) I Panther-ized my Cube. My Cube’s Jaguar
partition was filling up and the system getting a little slow, so, rather than a
clean sweep, I did a painless & quick Panther installation (followed by the
“somewhat” slower internet updates). I still need to install and configure a
series of things, but the essence is there, and it’s fast. I’ll share some
Panther observations later.

I had a long fit with Thunderbird 0.6 (TB) this morning. Installed the
new v0.6, and of course it did not import nor want to recreate my profile nor
accounts (folders, messages, etc.) from the v0.5 backup. Looking at TB support,
both migrating from 0.5 to 0.6 and restoring from backkup, are just a matter of
copying the old profile, trashing the new (default) one and on you go – which is
what I thought. Not!

After different trials, ideas and quite a bit of
time; I finally found it. When you recreate your profile and all accounts
manually (which you’re not supposed to have to do!) and then copy the backup
mailboxes into the recreated accounts, Thunderbird will recognize your accounts
& messages. All support pointing to copying the profile or the accounts into
place did not work in my case. Only infusing the recreated profile and accounts
with the mail folders. At least I’ve got it working now.

Thanks to
Paul Baily’s iBlog Backup, restoring my blog was
effortless. I’m just curious now if iBlog will publish or act up under Panther.
We’ll see.

[edit] Well, publication went fine. Only it was followed
by the dreaded iBlog crash after publication, taking a new entry I was typing
with it. Note to self: don’t work on a new entry while publishing.

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