Favority toy crash

This morning, while shaving, Seven – who loves to play fetch – was
meowing pretty insistently. I turn around to look at … Ccrraacck!! I flattened
her favorite toy. It’s one of those ping pong ball size open plastic weave balls
with a little bell in it. Super light, rolls far, makes noise, easy to bat
around and grab for return. Maybe I can glue it? No, doesn’t look like it from
the number of fractures.

Seven stared at the broken thing, pawed it
and insisted it was play time. I said I was sorry, strapped the bell to the
fuzzy mouse and threw it in an attempt to distract her. Half a reaction but no
fetch. She returns “Where’s my ball?”. I try another toy. No go. She doesn’t
even move. I put the broken ball out of sight, after which she starts looking
everywhere and meowing for help, without giving up. Shaking fuzzy mouse with
bell gets the look, but not the play. Her meowing persists. She’s on a SAR
mission with total dedication. What to do? Without other solution I start to
super glue the major structure back together, under her supervision! 3/4 dud of
a ball without a bell. Not perfect, and it smells like glue, but she seems at
least a bit happier. Yep, we got game and she settles down a while later.
Pfiew. First time I was faced with the problem of explaining to a cat I’m sorry
I broke something and that I can’t fix it. Usually when she can’t find or reach
something, I come to the rescue … but there was no way out of this one. Pet
parenting is tough!

A trip to the the pet store or the neighborhood
WalMart is in order to get more of these toys. Only thing is I haven’t seen them
for a while.

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