G5 line-up updated with Dual G5 2.5 GHz

PowerMac G5
Hot from the press! Checked this morning’s Mac news and it wasn’t announced yet.
Browse to Apple and out of the blue: the new G5
:) sported with Dual 2.5 GHz CPU, 1.25 GHz front side bus, 128 MB ATI Radeon
9600 XT, 8x superdrive … and Liquid
! Shipping starts in July. As the 1.6 Ghz model is
discontinued the G5 is now only available with Dual G5 CPU’s. The DP 1.6 &
2.0 saw a drop in price & received the 8x superdrive as well.

No word yet on the display update, nor a more matching keyboard
& “pro” mouse. Why o why can’t Apple get it’s styling together like with the
G4 series? My Cube, studio display & other stuff match perfectly. I just
itch when I walk into the Apple store and see the total mismatch of hardware.
But back to the good news, it’s good to finally see that long delayed &
awaited G5 update. Will they get the Dual 3.0 ready by September? ( ~ Dual 3.0
in one year )

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