WWDC2004 – New monitors & Tiger preview

Finally they are here! The anodized aluminum thin bezel 20″ &
23″ cinema displays and a brand new super sized 30″ HD model with 2560×1600
pixels = 4 million pixels. Waw!

The latter requires a special & pricey ($599) graphics card
available only to G5 PowerMacs. All models come with two USB 2.0 and FireWire
400 ports, a serious increase in connectivity for high-speed devices.. One
surprise: DVI replaces ADC. Everything will remain clutter free though with a
single cable that has 4 connectors for DVI, USB2, FireWire and power. The good
news about DVI is that it should allow for cheaper hardware, both monitors &
graphics cards, since ADC was unique to Apple.

All we need now, is a
replacement for the G5’s white keyboard & antiquated single button “pro”
mouse. The G4’s match it so much better. Bluetooth aluminum look keyboard &
2-button + scroll wheel anyone?

Mac OS X
10.4 code-name Tiger
was introduced as well. Don’t miss the online
sneak preview. It will again have 150 new features, of which most importantly
support for 64-bit processing (it is not a native 64-bit OS version). It will be
launched the first half of 2005. Time for more feedback so they can get it
right! Better searching with SpotLight. Safari will sport an integrated RSS reader.
Unfortunately this likely means we’ll see no further updates to Safari before
Tiger. Crossing my fingers on a point release with bug-fixes.

Automater sounds really good. VoiceOver is not speech control unfortunately,
it’s a spoken version of the GUI. Something new as well will be Dashboard … wait a second. New? This is Konfabulator. Welcome to another SherlockWatson from
(rip-off). Why can’t Apple just buy the program or the
company? Instead it duplicates other’s hard work, then leaves the shareware
developer to fight for their survival. Tssss.

Edit: Actually Karelia
seems to have sold the Watson technology to a large
corporation which name they can’t disclose. Watson support ceases on Oct 5 2004.

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